1 Agosto 2020 Off Di Direzione Rivista Siti Unesco

by Olimpia Niglio, Prof. History of Architecture and Management of Art and Culture Heritage

The edA (Esempi di Architettura International Research Center) together with UNESCO University and Heritage activated a new international project titled “Reconnecting With Your Culture” in order to bring the younger generations closer to the theme of cultural heritage.

The concept from which this new project starts, is the centrality of the role of Culture to develop future perspectives capable of developing shared and participatory policies and foster the sustainable development of humanity.

To promote this centrality of Culture it is necessary start from the younger generations and the project is exactly addressed to children between 5 and 17 years old and to all schools in the world.
The youth, with the support of their teachers, are invited to explore the cultural heritage of their country and describe, also with drawings, their experience of knowledge in contact with the historical, artistic, and cultural heritage.

The project has launched a call to became “ an Ambassador of Culture” and all participants will have the opportunity to display their proposals in a digital exhibition and ten will be selected for each category (5-10 years) and (11-17 years) to be published in a digital book OPEN ACCESS which will have international diffusion, then the book will be published in the EdAKids collection.

The call for kids to join the project sound very appealing!


Draw your heritage!!!

“It’s time to take a break and to get out of being bored. It’s time to travel around your city! As if it were a treasure hunt, you will create a walking map to see and know what is a heritage for you, write clues that give an idea of how to get to that priceless treasure you want to make known all over the world. Walking with your travel log, compass and drawing tools, we can undertake together an adventure to discover new things and places that nobody knows, but now you have in your hands the opportunity to discover them and share them to the whole world so that everyone can know the treasure that is in your city. When you find the treasure, next to the map draw in the technique that you like and the size you want, that invaluable treasure. This way all the adventurers that follow your map and clues, will be able to know and know which is the hidden wonder in your city. … What is heritage for you? Do you know your heritage? Why have you selected this element to draw?”